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Are you looking for a Massage Therapist in Maitland?   Phil is a fully qualified mobile remedial massage therapist based in Maitland who comes to you. You can save time and money by receiving an effective massage which targets the source of your pain.

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The Qualities of a Good Massage Therapist

A great massage therapist can command a long list of loyal clientele. To be the most successful in this business, one must have a certain set of qualities that makes people want to come back. Some of those top qualities include:

Ablity to Self-Promote: A great massage therapist will be most successful if they can promote their work to attract new clients.

Business Management Skills: A great massage therapist has excellent business management skills and can handle {running a practice or working|working or running a practice} on a freelance basis. They are good with finances and marketing.

Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere: A great massage therapist employs a variety of means to ensure a relaxing atmosphere, including dim lighting, soothing scents, or music.

Excellent Customer Service Skills: A great massage therapist has excellent customer service skills and is willing to accommodate a client to ensure a good massage experience.

Interpersonal Skills: A great massage therapist has excellent interpersonal skills and can create a rapport with a client that helps put them at ease during a treatment. They answer questions readily and explain what they are doing during a massage.

Knowledge of Proper Technique: A great massage therapist has extensive knowledge of the techniques used in a variety of massage types.

Manual Dexterity: A great massage therapist has excellent manual dexterity and is able to easily perform the complicated maneuvers massage therapy requires.

Physical Stamina: A great massage therapist has a good deal of physical stamina and is able to handle standing for long periods of time as well as the rigorous physical effort massage requires.

Sense of Empathy: A great massage therapist has a strong sense of empathy and strives to use their massage techniques to help improve a client’s well-being.

Strong Client Focus: A great massage therapist is focused solely on the client and is able to tune out all other distractions during a massage. They are committed to providing an enjoyable service to their clients.